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 A little about Handmade Nepal

Hand Made Nepal UK has been collaborating with friends, colleagues and producers in Nepal for over 20 years. Here you’ll find examples of some of the finest traditional and contemporary textiles from the Kathmandu Valley and the Far East of the country including the intricate and colourful ‘Dhaka’ weaving of the Terhathum district, the beautiful ‘counted thread’ embroidery of the Dhankuta district and a variety of the woven, knitted and crocheted items made from the giant Himalayan nettle which grows at altitude in the Sankhuwasabha district.

The techniques used for these crafts have been passed down to new generations for hundreds of years but are now in danger of dying out as younger generations aspire to better education, city life and higher wages. The aim of Hand Made Nepal UK is to contribute to keeping these skills alive by celebrating and showcasing some of the innovative and beautiful products being made today using traditional skills.

Through our textile study tours we have got to know local artists, makers and host families who have all contributed to the collections available on this website. We buy our items from the places where they are made and as far as possible, from the makers themselves.

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